По не знам кој пат ја коментирам истата тема, ама овој пат интернационално. Мојот коментар нa постов.

“Let me add my perspective on the things said so far. I tend to agree with the positions of Dan. I am a Macedonian, but moreover, I find more logic in them than in the positions of Miller or other supporters of “Greek Macedonia”.

I feel a personal connection with the issue because I was born in Bitola, which is a town near the current border with Greece. My extended family has origins in what is now northern Greece. My grandfather has fought in the Greek civil war on the side of the DAG (the “communists”). After they were defeated (and with ample help in arms from the UK I might add), the families of the fighters were forced to flee Greece, because retributions were soon to follow, especially if you were Macedonian. The Macedonians fought on the side of DAG, because they have been exposed to continuous helenisation in Greece. I know this not from books, but from conversations with my grandmother and father. One of my earliest childhood memories is that of my family being forbidden entry in Greece in 1980’s. My father can not enter Greece to this day, because a law passed in 1982 forbids entry to those people who are “blacklisted” unless they show that they are “of greek descent”. The personal identification documents bearing the Macedonian names of Greek places are not accepted in Greece today.

I believe that the history is in the past. But, we need not go far into the past to find the roots of today’s problems. The Macedonian people have existed on the territory which is known as Macedonia for centuries. They have a separate language (Macedonian) from the surrounding Slavic nations, but also they have retained in their everyday lives practices and symbols (most notably the sun symbol excavated near the village of Kutlesh – Vergina which was also excavated in the present day Republic of Macedonia and is used as ornamental decoration on houses built in the 19-th century). I strongly believe that this whole issue is the result of some very recent bad politics reflecting the power play of the “international community” towards the right of the Macedonians to have their own recognized state. Everyone is circumventing the issue of the balkan wars in 1913. Then, it was decided that the Macedonia liberated from the Turks should be given to the “liberators” (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia). Nobody took seriously the fact of the existence of the Macedonians, which were living on that territory, and which have declared themselves as such. Their fallacy was that they have been for the most part poorly educated, lacked the support and lobbying power in the countries which at that time decided what their fate should be.

After the treaty of Bucharest in 1913, the victors have begun a systematic campaign of molding the Macedonians and transforming them to Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbians. And, in the case of Greece, replacing the population of northern Greece (the newly acquired territories) with “pure” Greeks from Asia minor as to change the ethnic makeup of those regions. A practice that has almost succeed; my cousins in Greece today seldom speak Macedonian. The names of villages, rivers, mountains were “hellenised”. These plans were threatened when in Yugoslavia, finally a separate political entity was formed which allowed the Macedonians to have their own autonomy, and in recent times to have their independent state. So now, the game has changed; instead of trying to erase even the mention of the Macedonians, the Greek state has instead turned to proving that the true Macedonians are the Greeks inhabiting northern Greece (systematically purged from anything Macedonian in origin from the time of the “liberation” in 1913). It is here that the ancient history is misused. And, because of this practice, nationalism will rise in today’s Macedonia. So, Greece should not fear irredentism towards itself, but should finally admit to the attrocities commited and begin the healing process. I do not believe that any of the Macedonians who suffered under Greek rule want “a greater Macedonia”. They want respect, recognition of their plight, and in documented cases, a restitution of their forcefully taken property if applicable.

I apologize for the long digression, but I felt that it was necessary to give the context of the matters from a point of view of a Macedonian who does not feel that he is a Hellene, although I have Greek friends, and I respect Greek history, even speak a little bit of Greek.

Finally, to illustrate the levels to which these fabrications and misleadings have escalated, in the 90’s while I was visiting Greece I was attacked simply because I had said that I am Macedonian, but not Greek. This has happened in Solun (Thessaloniki). Another incident was when I have posted on an archeoastronomy list regarding the proposed Kokino ancient observatory in Macedonia (http://www.kokino.org.mk). There I was flamed by a professor from the university of Thessaloniki (using the Greek name here) for the reason that I have dared to use the term Macedonian on that list. Fortunately, other members defended my right of expression.

I hope that I have shed some light on this matter. No doubt that I will be severely criticized, but I am used to it; my whole family was persecuted, driven into submission, killed for 100 years now; I will continue to tell our story to anyone who listens.

Finally, I am an astrophysicist, I do not subscribe to nationalism, I would like to see this planet united. But, I do not have a “dual designation”. I am not a Macedonian and a Greek at the same time, just Macedonian. And, I believe it to be simply rude to deny someone the basic right of self-expression. Especially after all that has happened. An entire nation can not be erased from the face of this tortured planet. I oppose anyone who assumes the position of a final arbiter in these matters, and of nations who proud themselves with being great, while at the same time committing unchecked acts of genocide.

Ќе зборуваме додека има уши што слушаат и пишуваме додека има очи кои читаат, или невронски интерфејси кои процесираат…


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